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comparto una extensión que permite visualizar vídeo de youtube en la parte superior de la pantalla por favor si puede enviar capturas de pantalla para verificar el funcionamiento en otro dispositivos.

I share an extension that allows youtube video to be displayed on the top of the screen, please if you can send screenshots to verify the function on other devices. (12.8 KB)

imagen 1 full screen imagen 2 normal size



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Very nice. I updated your .aia and made it simpler. Youtube2.aia (68.2 KB)

Add StopVideo block
Add autoStart flag (true or false)


Profesor podrías añadir un componente que permita añadír líneas de código al Androidmanifest.xml

Sé que se puede en el


@Andres_Cotes as far as i know, that can’t be done


Tomé el ejemplo de código de barras cuando se añade ese elemento el android manifest se agregan líneas igual con el componente Twitter


Do I*********
I can not use ?


Please also tell the way to do whatever is in the picture in the picture


look post one


no sir my means whats uses of thats ponts


Could you tell me where to learn how to do extensions for appybuilder?


@Ivan_Gonzalez in the designer category palette you’ll see a category for extension. From there, you can import extension


I meant that I want to learn developing extensions, if you know a site where I can learn, please tell me


see the App Inventor Extensions document


See here:


here in this example is used a different extension as from andres. I looked for it but I could not find it. Where can I download it?


I mean the extension in . Youtube2.aia


you can find the youtube extension in the first post of this thread



sir how play "youtube playlist"using this Youtube extensión ?
i hope u will surly guide me here .i want play this playlist videoseries?list=PLKD9IRjNEpXuoQkXUQXZw9p3g8tnuVidI .


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu Just make sure you don’t violate YouTube Terms of Service. They are pretty strict.


yes sir
thank u for advice. If list is all public, then can not I use it? In the app.
Does it make any rules of YouTube violate