Youtube extension


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu IF the component/extension that you use skins the videos (e.g. removes the ADs, etc), then I believe, it violates their ToS. You need to check into their terms and what the component/extension does for you.


not eshu sir
which link i want use there no ad


please 1 example aia


I tried this extension. not working . only the black square and sound track.
in what may be the reason is unclear. as if there are no codecs


With this extension, can I play just the sound of a youtube video? Good work!


There’s no tutorial… no aia examples… I would like to see one.


Word of warning:
Keep in mind that Google has zero-tolerance for violating their Terms of Service. You SHOULD NOT play videos that are not owned by you or videos that have copyrights. Even for playing musics, if you are playing music that has copyrights, they will immediately unpublish your app and may suspend your account.

Play many songs inside the app?

I’ve tried it once many times, but google play is refusing to practice. do you have the ability to install the application? If you help me, please.


Muy buena extensión, funciona excelente, una consulta, hay forma de poder ubicar el video en otra parte de la pantalla?


update 28/02/2018 (13,8 KB)


Sir i need extension by which we can play all the videos of channel / playlist without showing youtube link
is there any app which provides this features


I do not think so…


I just found that and was going to share it with you!


Hello, I want to disable the play pause button, How I can do this? Or someone can tell me a way that user cannot interact with the youtube video. Please tell me.


How to transfer a different screen when the video ends, please!!!


Hello @Andres_Cotes
1- Will there be any player.seekTo function.
2- We can change hieght and width.
3- Play video in horizontal or vertical arrangements.
4- Hide player controls.
5- player.stateChange ?
This will take your extension to next level. And user experience too!


Can’t your account get banned for this or is it just if it’s the actual site?


I do not understand very well what you are asking me


Is your Google Developer Account able to get banned for using a YouTube video in the application… I’ve gotten in trouble before for just adding my whole YouTube channel in a WebViewer?


You need null webviwer components before close app o change screen , play sound and no show imagen vídeo violate terms uses