You probably won't win this game


Hello the AppyBuilder community,

I’m a french developer who discovered the AppInventor platforms last year and I absolutly LOVE it :slight_smile:.

Thanks to AppyBuilder I made this very stupid game that I wanted to do since a few months :wink:

Please tell me what you think of it.

English version :

French version :

Thank you guys :wink:


Very funny description, @dimitrisimonin:+1: :joy::rofl:


Thanks @Ronin , at least you know what to expect when you play it :yum:


How did you get it to install icon on desktop?
Is that an extension or native?


Hi @Ken_Nichols, I’m not sure I understood exactly your question but if you’re talking about the icon of the game on the Play Store (and then on your phone when you install the app), it’s just a png file that I imported in the Play Store when I added my app.

If it’s an app that you want to distibute outside of the Play Store you can also import an image in the “Icon” box in the “Properties” section of your screen in AppyBuilder.


When I installed your app it automatically added a shortcut on my screen.


OK, sorry.
I think the launcher you’re using does that, no matter which app you install.

I used Nova Launcher for a while and I remember there was on option you could uncheck if you don’t want the icon of the app you’ve just installed on your desktop.


It doesn’t do that when I install the apps I’ve created.
Perhaps it only does that with apps downloaded from the Play Store.


Yes, I’ve checked the Play Store settings and there is a box to uncheck if you don’t want new apps on your desktop.


i download and try to play it.i could’nt figure out rules.need help


Well, you picked my curiosity, for sure, and I had to download it to see what is it about.:wink:
Good strategy!

I think I understand the game, It’s actually fun. But it depends on luck mostly, right?

“WHAT’S NEW: Not much” :joy::rofl:


Hi guys,

@edd, at each turn, one of the two buttons is randomly picked and you have to find the good one.
If you pick the wrong one, you loose a life ( 3 lives = green, 2 lives = orange, 1 life = red).
If you pick the good one, your score goes -1 (the goal being getting to 0) and you get an extra life.
Sorry if it troubled you, part of the game is trying to guess what you have to do :yum:.

@Italo, you’re right, it depends ONLY on luck :wink:.
The thing is you still have to choose so you might get the feeling that there is a strategy you could find but there is’nt really. Just have to trust your instinct :smiley:.

Let me know guys if you hit 0, I don’t know anyone who has succeeded yet (I personnaly got to 3 :persevere:)