Yof's Minigames Series of Games



Hello everyone,

I’m currently making a series of Minecraft minigames including Bedwars and Skywars.

CURRENT PROMBLEM(S): Save system (To save every chunk of the map)
If you know how to solve the problems please do, however you like. It can be an extension or blocks. If you help me, you’ll be in the credits of my app. If the extensions isn’t yours, I wont put your name in. If you ask politely for the source code, don’t forget to put your email in, so I can send you the aia file. Please note that the aia file might be big.

If you have suggestions, please give them. If you want a certain minigame, please tell me.


You can use these extensions:

You should also use the file component to save the name of the worlds!