Yet another SQLite extension (Free)



select * form customer is given me this = [ new, 22, 54,54],[new,23,54,54]
why this [ ], ?

it should create proper list supported by list in appybuilder


i am missing sql .RunQuery block , it should be there as it was in native sql extension.


how to show data into button text. i am trying using my import sql data, but it goes to error.


Hi! I have a problem. I can’t connect to database. Do you know what am I doing wrong?
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Hi there, did you solved this? I’m having the same issue, my db is a binary data created with sqlite studio, and when I import it says is ok (or at least the procedure return true) but when I check database there is only one table (android_metadata)…


my guess is, you are using an Android 9 device?
if yes, it seems to be, the extension needs a bugfix for Android 9…

you might check my sqlite extension here
I fixed that issue in my sqlite extension more than 1 year ago…


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woow im shocked and i dont i dont understamddfd


I wasn’t using that android version, but I checked android log and saw that there was a message saying that the database were encrypted or wasn’t a sqlite database, I used a firefox extension to manipulte the data, apparently when the extesion saves database it encrypts the database or something … of course the app inventor extension shouldn’t return a true value saying that the database was imported when it happened a error. (the error event of the extension didn’t triggered either)


Hii, Thank you for developing this extension and it works fine. I developed an application that all the elements of SQL column are added to the listview and elements can be searched by the listviews searchbar. Now I need to directly search elements from SQL column by entering keyword. Is it possible? how to do it? what are the block should i use?