Yet another SQLite extension (Free)



you get what you pay for, in this case no support…


Yes this is true… Sad but true!!!
However I have a work around for the issue, that is to re-write my query that will transpose rows and columns.

The only reason I am using this extension is the fact that I am working on an almost finished project on Thnkable which unfortunately I can’t migrate to AppyBuilder…

In the future if I need to create projects for Android that will have SQLite queries I will build them in AppyBuilder directly, where there is a native SQLite component and no extension is required.

Thunkable will be an option only for cross platform projects but for now this is not my priority…


thank you for the extention i need your help
i used import method and after selecting the data the output is going as the below :slight_smile:
[table name, Value]
how i can change the out put to be only value ?