Yet another SQLite extension (Free)



you get what you pay for, in this case no support…


Yes this is true… Sad but true!!!
However I have a work around for the issue, that is to re-write my query that will transpose rows and columns.

The only reason I am using this extension is the fact that I am working on an almost finished project on Thnkable which unfortunately I can’t migrate to AppyBuilder…

In the future if I need to create projects for Android that will have SQLite queries I will build them in AppyBuilder directly, where there is a native SQLite component and no extension is required.

Thunkable will be an option only for cross platform projects but for now this is not my priority…


thank you for the extention i need your help
i used import method and after selecting the data the output is going as the below :slight_smile:
[table name, Value]
how i can change the out put to be only value ?


cool extension, saving my $10… thanks dude… GodBlessYou


I’m using this extension to be able to work wth transactions.
The return of the select has to be put in a list.
For everey row I get back I remove ()[] that are in the string for each row.
Columns are separated by a comma.
When I use splittext at , this works but every leading space before a field values is also put in the textboxes on my screen.
I know I can use splittext at ,space but is there another easier way of doing this?

In my database I also have pictures, how do I retrieve them because I always get a string back.


i just wondering if i use 2 SQLite extension in one Screen and import two different database on it…is it allowed?


this depends on the extensions you are using and where those extensions store their database
it might be, that the second import will overwrite the first import
what about trying something to find it out yourself?
let us know what you find out…


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When using the prepared insert statement I give a list of columns and a list of values.
But whenever I encounter a textfield with no contents I want to set null in the list of values but this is always replaced by ‘null’ so the srting ‘null’ gets inserted instead of null, so there is a value set in the column.
The same goes for the update statement.
I can prepare the statement myself and use execute but then I only get true or false as an answer, I do not know how many rows are affected, is there a way to get around this?

When I retrieve values fro a table with the select statement I also get ‘null’ strings instead of null values.
the same question as before, is there a workaround?
I know I can scan the returned values and replace ‘null’ by nothing but then I can never return a value ‘null’ that’s really in the database.


Thankyou sir for ur advice sir… God Bless You Sir…


why coloum name always show in list with it value
i using select statement for showing value from coloum, but name of coloum always appear in list
for example
coloum name NUMBER and value is
every i select coloum for listview component…
at list of listview shown like this
Number, 1
Number, 2
Number, 3 …etc

any idea for fix this problem sir?


There’s an option on the sqlite, ReturnColumnNames, you have turn it off, then you only get the data.
Otherwise you get a list with two values for each column for each row. The list contains the column name and the actual value.
Look in the github, there’s the documentation and check all propertiesbef before saying it does not work.


thankyou for ur answer sir…
btw i just asking sir, i do not saying this extension is not working or something else…
once again thankyou. GodBlessYou


I think I’ve got a problem with transactions.
I do a begintransaction when I open my add screen and I will do a rollback when back is pressed or the cancel button is clicked.
I do a commit after a successful addition.
But this doesn’t seem to work. When I open the transaction the screen does not react anymore, it seems to be hanging.
Is this not the way the transaction are supposed to work?


Hello, i have an issue with the rows returned in the sample project SQLliteTest, each row should be a list of two elements, but it returns plain text " [January , 2]";
I tried in Appy Builder and AppInventor 2, same result.
The same when column Names is active, should return a list of pairs but its only Plain text.
the brackets [] arent being interpreted as lists.



Make the same in AppyBuilder and show your blocks then. You are not using AppyBuilder


Thanks for the quik response, here is the same result with App Builder


Can you tell what you expect the outcome to be?

Is in list block only gives back a true or false nothing further.

So you want to use the [January, 2] without the [ ] characters?

Then use a replace block to replace [ with an empty text box and also the ].


Put the block between the notifierblock and the select item block. You can make the same block for ] and put it before the block i just showed you.

Try and post the result here or show the blocks you made.


The expected result is a 2 element list : “January” and " 1" .
The query returns a list of rows but each row should be a list of values, but its just text .
[ January, 1],
[ February, 2],
[ March, 3],

the default container of list is “( )” but in this case is “[ ]”, even if i activate ShowListsAsJson it doesn’t work.

According to the the github docs of the SelectSQL Blocks: “The list returned by these methods has a row element list for each row matched by the query. The elements in the row element list depend on the ReturnColumnNames property. When this property is true, the elements in the row element list are themselves lists, each with two elements; a column name and a column value. When the property is false, the elements in the row element list are the column values in the same order as the requested columns in the SELECT query.”

I know it can be converted to a list removing the “[]” and then split at “,” . But from what i understood reading he docs, this should be automatic . Correct me if this behavior its not he expected one.


Now I’m trying to start a transaction in code, do some modifications to the database and commit.
As soon as I made the begin transaction the app does not respond anymore.
Does anybody have samples with transactions that work?


Hello deboopi
I have tried the same code (AIA) file in appybuilder and Kodular and surprisingly, it doesn’t hang in Kodular and executes perfectly! I guess must be something on appybuilder (companion) that doesn’t like the extension for some reason! I have contacted frdfsnight and hasn’t replied yet. Anyway, will keep you posted of any development.Please feel free to try some simple add in Kodular and see it works!
Cheers Lildinti