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same problem with apptest.sqlite instead of apptest.sql


firstly, try renaming your file to apptest.db. Some version of Sqlite don’t like the .sqlite extension.
Secondly, make sure that your apptest.db file is NOT a sql script and actually exists in your resources. I know that you load it in the media palette, but delete all the media files and load just the apptest.db file only and try again


Sir how to calculate colum item value in label is it possible


Hi @nandu_aeer
What do you mean? if you tell me a bit more what you want I may be able to help… Explain what you want.



And one more question
Sir how to add colum name from textbox text is it possible



I would like to achieve the following sql command using the sqlite extension.

UPDATE Table SET Column = REPLACE(Column, ‘Test123’, ‘Test’)

The purpose is to find and replace a value with n another value in a particular column.

Thanks in advance



Hi @Karthikeyan_M

The sql statement is just: UPDATE table Set column = Replacement_Value

Be sure you replace the record you want to replace! to do so use the “where” clause. For example:

UPDATE table SET Column = Replacement_Value where ID = ID_of_record_you_want_to_modify.

Check this out if in doubt:



Hi @Lildinti,

Thanks for the reply.

Actually I would like to replace certain value found in multiple records Say for example. I would like to replace 2 with an another number in the qty column of the below table.

After replacement it should be something like this in the Qty column.

Qty Old value: 12-22-33-21-23
Qty new value: 1x-xx-33-x1-x3

How can I achieve this with update block?


Hi K.
How do you get the “x” number in relation to the other numbers?
For example: say you want to replace 12, with 1X. How you generate the X? is a math operation to 12? is a calculated field in some other way?
If is just the text you wan to replace, is a simple way, but I still need to know how you get the “X” value.



Hi Lildinti,

I just want to replace the text. No math or calculation involved in that operation.



Hi K,
Okey. easy.
Once you got the text you wan to update, say :12-22-33-21-23, stored in a variable, you use a text replace block and replace say “2” with “9” and store the replacement result in another text variable. Then Use than variable (should have a value something like 19-99-33-91-93) in the update statement; something like:

"UPDATE table SET column = ? " as the test of the select statement
and the variable value (19-99-33-91-93) as the bind parameter (it will replace the “?” when the block is executed)

Hope it makes snese.



Hi Lildinti,

Thanks for your help. Your approach is much easier than the one I thought of. Glad to use your simplified approach.



Good one, mate. Glad to help.


Please tell me how to get header information in the select result.
(There is no header information even if I execute select like the attached image)


hi @E_Noguchi
You mean to get the names of the columns?
There’s a tickbox in the designer to allow to get the column names. Let me know if that helped.


Hello, guys.
This solved? I have test sqlitesamplenew.aia but dont read database.

What is correct options for this Extension?

Thanks for your reaply.


is there any issue with this extension in case a query is resulting in more than 10 columns?

thanks in advance.


No reply at all? Nobody is using this extension?


@Mr_Blackd Did you directly contact extension developer?


I have not sent him a PM if this is what you mean. I have tagged him however in my first post 3 days ago. He should see it in the notifications…

I will send him a message also… thanks