XY Chart Tutorial


I have a pretty big app that I used an extension for a line graph and bar graph.
It doesn’t display properly after bringing it over from AI2.
Then I saw your XY Chart and got excited, but there seems to be no place to put the values.
Is there a tutorial or example somewhere?


How to make graphic chart

@Jimii will below work for you?


Thank you for the response. I have used Google Charts successfully before.
My data is on dweetpro.io though.
I think I found the input for XY Chart.
The Refresh Chart block. Is that true? The name threw me. I just started testing everything in there.



@Jimii yes. That is correct. For example, you can take x y z values from accelerometer. Acceleration changed event-block and pass those as a list into RefreshChart block to see result.

We’ll be updating that component for enhancements


OK, thanks. There are some obvious bugs in it, I am sure you know.
Will you be working on a way to customize the horizontal axis?
I want to graph, temp and time points.
Is there a way to get rid of the X Axis, Y Axis, and Z Axis symbols/labels?



@Jimii yes. Bugs, I’m not sure, but enhancements? Definitely yes. Are you java coder? If yes, maybe you could consider becoming contributor and looking into it for updates ? :thinking:



No I am not a coder at all.
Until AI2 and Appy Builder I had no programming experience at all.




Hi. I am a new comer to appybuilder. I downloaded your xy chart extension. I want to have a UI where users will enter values and the graph will be ploted. How do I pass the values to the chart?


@Nickon or other AppyBuilder Staff
I need this extension for my app and not Google Charts, but it have to display more than 30 points without shifting it left out left of the y-axis like decribed in this topic: XYChart problem . I’ve some experiences in Java. I’m interested in the source code. Please tell me, how I can obtain/share it.