Work of a moderator


I seem to have hurt some peoples feelings. Some of the users i banned from the community found it necessary to give bad reviews to my apps on Google Play. How low can you go.

This is one of the little *********



Recently I’ve had to make some tough decisions which permanently ended access to this community for a couple of members.
None of them were happy with my decision.

I made my decisions based on the whole community and I couldn’t and won’t let a few bad apples ruin it for everyone else.


So sorry for this guys. You both are doing awesome job supporting good-size community. As you said, some folks just go low and try whatever to hurt. Sorry about that


I think community modurators ( at least some of them; i cant tell for all ) are a little to tough on things and consider themselves some kind of agent in search of any mistake to flag, ban , hide and so on; give me a break let people or members to express their views; if you have any problem give them a warning or suggestion in advance to change their post in advance before literally taking actions.

I can tell one example form my experience in a post where i misspelled taifun sir with “tufun” the moderators remove my post on EDITED like community guidelines; you are moderator ; you guys have all the access so you could have just fix the wrong spelling of their name. Simple as that but they prefer to hide and then remove the post altogether.

I know one can take my suggestion in a bad note but its just how i feel and want to see some change for good. Any way i know your task is tough and challenging so thanks for letting this community safe and clean of spam.

Have a good day!


As you see i am the agent in charge. I edited your post for bad language. I looked at your deleted posts and couldn’t find anything that resembles what you are talking about.

And yes i try to protect in any way the image of AppyBuilder. So no cursing on the forum. Good behaviour. Following community rules. And yes if someone can not behave himself he is gone after a warning. Sometimes behaviour is so bad he/she is gone immediately. You can not see it from there but back here we have sometimes lenghty discussions with users who don’t behave, don’t want to change their behaviour. We also have discussions with other mods and developers how we will respond, so all in all it takes a lot of time.


Well thanks for trying and such a detailed explanation. I know you will get better with time but as i find you everywhere on appybuilder and thunkable and makeroid sorry kodular as moderator that i can’t remember that on which platform it was the case which i explained. But any way i don’t want to make it any personal matter or anything like that. You are doing a great job but just need to be a little more constraint and flexible at times.

Good day!