WordpressDB Extension


hello to all I share this extension that allows to realize a communication with a wordpress site having installed the plugin of TinyWebDB API.

for now it is basic but I am hoping that this extension will grow and can help users who use wordpress

keep in mind that even the plugin has not implemented the apikey and wrote to the developer to lock together








Download link

co.com.dendritas.WordpressDB.aix (35,2 KB)


Very good info and extension, @Andres_Cotes
Thank you…

I wonder if using WordPress free account is possible. Or do i need to host a wordpress installation?


just need a wordpress version that lets install the plugin


I mean that the blog of wordpress.com the free version does not allow to install plugin I’m not sure at some point I tried it for another plugin and it did not allow it


I see. I think it will work if we use our own hosting.


it is correct or in a free hosting that allows to install plugins


What is the plugin called ?, I just installed wordpress on my host and I can not find it


The link is exactly on top of this thread, @Oscar_Talavera. Why are you looking elsewhere? You need to FTP the plugin to plugins folder inside Wordpress installation.


Thank you. Now if I already have the plugin installed, what’s next? the urlsiteapi comes being the url where install wordpress ?, Thank you very much for your help


I haven’t install this plugin but from the tutorial picture, you fill the API Base with a string for url api for example “webdbapi”. You may not enter slash. Save. Then you set UrlSiteApi inside tinywebdb : https://yoursite.com/webdbapi


A full tutorial needed with blocks. I want to create a login page using this extension. Please help me.


really wonderful :heart_eyes:
how to use this extension ? please send me a tutorial please :heart_eyes:


I have tried but not working , so please help


What can we do with this extention


Save info in WordPress


Any example. We can get data from wordpress which type & how with this extention



Hello,I already installed this plugin in my wordpress site & also import the extention in my kodular project. What’s the next step.what should i entered on this form for my this website:http://tsnews.epizy.com/

& what should be tag & value to get post


How do i can get all posts? becouse i descrybe how get only one post, so thank you


hi, big thx for extension, i have question, how use “slug”?