Wondering about "I am rich" apps


While surfing google play I came across many "I am rich’ apps where user pay about 26000 ruppes (nearly $400) to buy a useless app with a still image. They have huge download numbers like 100k or 10k. So What the HEck : 400 x 100000 = $40000000


Do they have any downloads?


Yes, I have seen this app and most of them has more than 10000 downloads :stuck_out_tongue: incredible !!


It’s all fake installs. They keep those apps for free and get installs. Which attract the users and force them to buy. Don’t fall for that count they are all fake.

No One is that foolish to spend lots of money to get an app which just has a bitcoin at the center as an Identity of their richness.


Agreed, these are all fake downloads and cost poor advertisers lots of money. Stay away from those