With Appybuilder built APK is not an APK


The compilation process is succesfull, download APK to my computer, gives me an APK that is not readable in the Play Store and not readable by AppToMarket decompile.
It is a an app that I have been working on for 2 weekes. Till the 24th APK’s made with Appybuilder were oke. The first error appeared the 24th of december. After a few tries and another browser, it made a working APK again.
But since yesterday, the 26th of december, it is not possible anymore. It makes the APK, but it is not an usefull APK.


What happens when you try to install apk?


It refuses to install.


You are not providing sufficient information. If you want, you can upload your apk to gdrive, then share with us for our testing


Please do give me the address, I can provide aia and apk.


Please upload to your gdrive, then PM me the shared link


@Appsbeheerder I was able to install and run the apk that you sent me. There was an error about firebase.


It was a combination of circumstances, that I thought I had an error.

  1. The Play Store refused the upload yesterday several times, with the error that is was not an APK.
  2. Using ApptoMarket decompile the version of apktool (2.1.1) was moved to another directory. Newer versions of apktool.jar version 2.3.0 was not used by AppToMarket. That resulted in the ‘same error’ that it was not an apk.


If you can send me a screenshot of the error in a PM, please do. I do not get an error at all, tested on 2 different Samsung devices.