Will the community continue to operate after moving to kodular?


What will happen to this community after AppyBuilder finally switches to kodular?


It has no sense to continue the community in my view after the total transfer to Kodular. Keeping two communities running is only extra work for mods.

What i can imagine is that we have a AB personal category in the Kodular forum. But what i truly hope is by that time everyone realizes that using AB Personal in the long run can only cause problems that can not be fixed anymore.

If users want to keep using an offline version they should look at offline versions of App Inventor.


But there are a lot of extensions that only exist in this community (and there aren’t any of them anywhere)


Developers are always able to put there extensions on the Kodular community. That is their responsibility.


Is it possible to ‘freeze’ this community after the change to Kodular is a fact? Reading but not adding/updating. This way, it is still searchable and usable.


That is something for the developers of Kodular to decide. Keeping it running will cost money.


That’s the future intention


Maybe we could consider this, though it shall be done with caution