Wifi Direct P2P ( Wifi Direct Peer To Peer)


hi everyone here my new extensions Wifi Direct P2P ( Wifi Direct Peer To Peer) .
Using this extension, you can do a lot with Wi-Fi.

I have not taken any of the decisions about the price.
But it is sure that it will be paid


felicitaciones una gran extension


Muchas gracias
Este es el efecto de la gran gracia de todas las personas.


Excellent, can you give some examples of use?


Es un gran trabajo, espero que este disponible pronto.


What’s the benefit to use this?


make calls over internet


no only local wifi network


Hi when can we try it? Price?


shortly update here its price

Create a walkie talkie

App can develop this type of app by using this extension

Two Way Radio


Peer Connect


Very Nice work !!!


when you think that it will be finished and Cost ?

I have seen in youtube another great extension created by you (DialogPlus), where I can find it ?

Best Regards.


will post here YouTube link ,
as u say thats my
becoz im not created any dialog extension .
Many people are misusing my name .
so post or pm YouTube link ,


@Shivendra_Kr_Sahu I’m sorry if it is not yours, you forgive for my confusion.

Youtube link (user called Shivendra Kr. Sahu )

For Wifi Direct P2P you have any news ?


yet not competed