Wifi Direct P2P ( Wifi Direct Peer To Peer)


Hay we are waiting :wink:


are u saying about ???


The extension is finnished?
Im looking forward to develop with if


yes extension is finished

bro its paid extensions .
and price are euro 35


sorry everyone for delay in price update .

its price are euro 35 only for 1 user(app developer)



Where can I get the Wifi Direct extension ?



read this post carefully


I found this thread via Google search and simply became a member to ask where the extension was available.
Nothing sinister sorry !!


In simple language I don’t give any extension to new user


Please yourself… :rofl:… I dont really care.



your extension looks good. But I do not know what is possible with it.
I want to make a simple streaming service in my WiFi of a sound source to several listener.
could that be done with your extension?




I understand. :smirk: But dont now if I have enough lifetime resting. I am a bit older :grinning:
So I have to look otherwhere. Even because I do not know if I could make my projet with this extension. So few informations or I didn’t found.


Two Way Radio


thanks for the reply. I looked into the blocks and I see it may cover one of my needs. But in fact I do not really understand this app or what it will do.
As I said I want a multi Way Radio or a broadcast by wifi.
Also it would be great to have a description of your extension. I know it from my own programms. They are so familiar to me, but others always asked me: What is it? what can it do?
I know it can connect two phones by a Wifi. A given WiFi or creating an own? I see the functions in this Two Way Radio and I see you posted a list of all procedures and variables, but I cannot read it or getting the picture.
So it would be nice to know what your extention can do. Or, if you have a Help List to your block, to see it. in AI there are descriptions of the blocks even not always clear they help.


Thank you Dear I am trying


Dear how to download please share specific link


This is a paid extension


With your extension, is group call(Conference call) offline currently possible?
If not, can you do an update?



This extension is expensive and not supported. I have exhausted all efforts to get help privately from the developer after purchase. The two way radio will only make first successful connection. No sufficient information to use the GOServer and group blocks. So many errors that makes the extension unusable for me. I may not be a pro but I’m but not an inexperienced developer. I have bought and used many extensions here without any need to contact the developers for help.
Do we have existing users here who can share experience on how to use the GOServer and group blocks? Show example blocks. Maybe we can help ourselves.

Patrick Elisha