Wifi Direct P2P ( Wifi Direct Peer To Peer)


yet not competed


Hay we are waiting :wink:


are u saying about ???


The extension is finnished?
Im looking forward to develop with if


yes extension is finished

bro its paid extensions .
and price are euro 35


sorry everyone for delay in price update .

its price are euro 35 only for 1 user(app developer)



Where can I get the Wifi Direct extension ?



read this post carefully


I found this thread via Google search and simply became a member to ask where the extension was available.
Nothing sinister sorry !!


In simple language I don’t give any extension to new user


Please yourself… :rofl:… I dont really care.



your extension looks good. But I do not know what is possible with it.
I want to make a simple streaming service in my WiFi of a sound source to several listener.
could that be done with your extension?




I understand. :smirk: But dont now if I have enough lifetime resting. I am a bit older :grinning:
So I have to look otherwhere. Even because I do not know if I could make my projet with this extension. So few informations or I didn’t found.


Two Way Radio


thanks for the reply. I looked into the blocks and I see it may cover one of my needs. But in fact I do not really understand this app or what it will do.
As I said I want a multi Way Radio or a broadcast by wifi.
Also it would be great to have a description of your extension. I know it from my own programms. They are so familiar to me, but others always asked me: What is it? what can it do?
I know it can connect two phones by a Wifi. A given WiFi or creating an own? I see the functions in this Two Way Radio and I see you posted a list of all procedures and variables, but I cannot read it or getting the picture.
So it would be nice to know what your extention can do. Or, if you have a Help List to your block, to see it. in AI there are descriptions of the blocks even not always clear they help.


Thank you Dear I am trying


Dear how to download please share specific link


This is a paid extension


With your extension, is group call(Conference call) offline currently possible?
If not, can you do an update?