Why you should post the right blocks in the right forum


Not really a tutorial but… maybe i can get away with it :sunglasses:

Sometimes users post images of blocks which are made with one builder in a forum of another builder and expect help. As a moderator i often give a response like “don’t post blocks made with one builder in the forum of another. Builders are to different, bla, bla, bla, bla …”.

I understand that response can be confusing because blocks could look the same on the outside except for the shape and colors of the builder.


The builders are really very different.

Builders can have the same blocks but that doesn’t mean they work the same.

A little example

The first is the notifier component version from the latest App Inventor source.

The second one is the notifier component version from the latest AppyBuilder source.

Since the AppyBuilder version is one up it means AppyBuilder made some changes or for instance added some blocks. That doesn’t mean that the blocks that look the same as those from App Inventor also work the same.

So again, posting blocks from another builder here and thinking it’s ok because they look the same is a mistake.

Builders add and change components, which can also have an effect on other components or on extensions that work on other builders.

If you want help in the forum, you have to show that you are using AppyBuilder and get the same problem or effect in AppyBuilder. It makes no sense to give an AppyBuilder related answer to someone who is using another builder.

I hope you understand what i am trying to say here…

And that means that sometimes, yes…

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