Why it had only Bugs



Bugs Bugs Bugs only Bugs.

the appybuilder have only bugs. :tired_face: :tired_face:

bug num. 1- when we go to connect live “The aistater helper does not appear to be running” but it is running still. :tired_face:

bug num. 2- when g to block section and drag and drop any block it will freeze and we need to reload this page or reopen the project to fix it. :disappointed:

bug num 3- after few minutes it will automatically disconnect the live testing. :flushed:

it has more bugs but I only remember only these.

how can we work with these bugs?
whenever I refer this site to my friends they say who will work on this site with bugs. so they will go to thunkable or makeroid .

but I know appybuilder is the best site ever. but I have deleted/canceled more than 4 projects due to having problems with this site.

please please fix it.


Is it happen just now? In gold?

Fortunately i don’t experience those bugs. Not freezing too. Live testing will disconnect automatically if idle for few minutes. That’s normal.


I don’t experience the first two problems mentioned, either, myself, but:

Live testing will often be disconnected when I’m in the middle of editing blocks. I had this happen several times tonight, while I was doing some pair programming with a roommate. It’s a mild annoyance, but I’m kind of puzzled as to what specifically precipitates it.

Also, randomly, comments will start being attached to blocks, as if I had a “Do it” enabled in the companion… I think this may even happen when the Companion has been disconnected by the aforementioned issue. I had this happen today, and wound up deleting 30-40 randomly attached comments in the process before it went away (was focused on what I was doing, not documenting the problem, so I can’t say exactly what happened to fix it).

Those are my two annoyances of substance at the moment.


Are you using this server http://gold.appybuilder.com ?

Make sure its only appybuilder aistater that is running and not other MIT clone.

What OS and what browser are you using?
Memory size?

That is normal.
Are you using Companion v4.02 though?


Yes, the comment things that keep popping up automatically when we change something is a bit …



yes gold

no i downloaded it from help appybuilder

yes sir

4gb ram and Firefox latest version


@Chetan_singh Maybe you have a large app? Also, do you have good network connection?


@Nickon but iam using a blank project


@Ronin i will upload video of freezing please wait


@Chetan_singh Upload video?? How large is your video?


@Nickon i dont know.
i yet not recorded it


Anybody knows why the random comments keep showing up?
I’m working on something and the main block I’m working on will suddenly show a comment bubble with a number. I close it and it shows up in a minute or less.


@Italo Were you connected to companion when this happened?


Yes, I was using the companion and it disconnected.


@Italo Do you still have the scrambled project? If so, can you just send me .aia so that we can see what’s happening to the source?


It’s not scrambled. It’s the comments popping up all the time, even if I remove the comment. It’s kind of like if it does a DO IT by itself.


If they are still showing, can you PM the .aia?


Is solved.

Just simple iam using a incoming window and it works fine.


appybuilder developers will solve all problem . @Chetan_singh Just wait. appybuilder is the best free android app builder site ever



I said i have solved my all problem now their is no nothing wrong to face