Why can not I create my application?


Does it still work? Or do we need to switch to some other one?
I actually lost three projects. I can not create applications.


You should use gold.AppyBuilder.com


When migrating projects from http://free.appybuilder.com to http://gold.appybuilder.com, there were several errors after which the project opens with errors and the program can not be assembled


That’s how it looks. The project does not work.


And so have all three projects that have been imported. I’m desperate.


Is it possible to setup a redirect from free.AB or does it need to remain functional for some reason(s)?


We can’t just redirect because users may need ability to export their apps.

@Ptero To clarify, You exported from free and imported into gold? Then you tried to compile?


Yes. I understand that this is the kind of transfer.


Describe the whole process. First I export projects from http://free.appybuilder.com Then I import into http://gold.appybuilder.com Everything is done using .aia files that are saved on the local computer. When you import to http://gold.appybuilder.com, several error messages appear, but the project is eventually imported. When you try to open the project, several error messages appear again but the project is opened. When you try to assemble it, the last error appears in the program that you see in the picture above. All. Dead end.
I sent the bug reports.


Three very important projects for me are practically inaccessible now. How to be ??


I’m sorry to hear your problem but your transfer is kinda late. The migration happen long time ago and Appybuilder has been updated multiple times since then.

What you need to do is debugging to see which component or code that are need to be changed. If this is not possible, you may need to rebuild your apps from beginning.


Few months back, when using the free.AppyBuilder.com, we had pop-up displayed indicating that everyone should switch to new platform and also indicated that its build-server won’t work any more.

Having said above, please upload your .aia to your GDrive and then share the link (PM) with me. We can try to see if we can figure-out the issue.


@Hossein, i think you need to turn off services from free.appybuilder and silver.appybuilder if they are not supported/updated. Maybe you need to set a notice that in a certain date in the future, these 2 subdomain and services would be inaccessible, and then redirect both subdomains into gold.appybuilder.com


I sent you a link to the files.

Can't upload project created in Free plan into Gold

Did you try this?


No. But this transfer is not with SILVER. It will be necessary to try.


I thought about that later, that you used free. Sorry :sunglasses:


I tried an old free aia i had. Used the tutorial i linked to. Changed the words and now i can import it into gold. I got one message but the app is loaded and i can run it and build it.


A very simple program is transferred. And complex, large in volume, with many screens NO.


Is there a solution to the problem? Or can you consider three projects lost forever?