Who own Components?


I want to know that the component in any app Inventor are totally their property or their source code is available for all


Not clear on your question.
Let us know what you like to do.


AppyBuilder is totally open-source as it has all of its code is available on GitHub. You can use it without using AppyBuilder branding as far as I know it.


Guys want to listen the same from appy builder staff ot @Hossein


Just read the license


You’ll need to follow GPL V3.0 copyright / credit


I mean to ask that appybuilder has Components like gallery view so if I want to use that particular component as aix but I am ready to give credit to appybuilder


Am I correct, if not please correct me…


Why do you want to create extension from existing component?
Try to bring in innovative and new features


Because I mostly use every inventor and all component are distributed in all builders so somethimes I want a component which is not in my current project builder

It would be greater if I can use appybuilder component as extension
Reference/credit will always be give
So can I ???


@Deepanshu_Arya Follow GPL V3 and keep the source open


Ok ,thanks I will take note of that


Does this mean a paying extension should provide its source to everyone to keep inline with the GPLv3 license?