White screen (blank page) when visiting gold.appybuilder.com


I have been experiencing a white screen when I visit http://gold.appybuilder.com/. This is happening on different computers, in different browsers, at different times. Essentially, before the site logs you into a Google account, the site never loads and just stays on a white/blank page.

My concern is that it happened to my entire class on Friday. I use AppyBuilder in my intro to CS course and the other day every single student had this issue. We cleared the browser data and restarted the computers; nothing worked. Thought maybe it was just a server thing, but today I had a few students experience this issue still (different class). Some reported to have the same issue at home this past weekend.

Look forward to any insight or testing I can do to determine the issue and resolve.



Hi Joe,

Just tried and AppyBuilder quickly started.
Are you using Chrome? If so, could you please try on a different browser; e.g. FireFox?
Also, you mentioned that you cleared “browser data”. Is that the cache? For Windows, did you use Control-H and then then clear cache?


Thanks for the quick reply, @Hossein.

Yes, we are using Chrome. Tried Edge and Firefox and got the same response (which confused me more).

When we cleared the browser data, we cleared everything. In Chrome --> Clear browsing data --> checked all boxes and cleared for time range of “all time”.



I have also the same problem, i tried to do all you did, nothing works, maybe it’ll work later…


I have the same problem :confused: but apparently in other computers the page works. Thats a problem for me because I live kinda far from my city. Has someone come out with a solution for this?


The issue can be resolved this way:

  1. Goto mail.google.com
  2. If you are logged in, then just logout
  3. Then go back to http://gold.AppyBuilder.com

Let us know if this works out for you


Sadly, @Hossein that solution is not working. I am actually getting a higher frequency of students experiencing the issue. Any computer where they were not already logged into their Google account, is the computers where it is not working. I am going to do another test on multiple computers in the morning when I am in my classroom. I will update this post then.



After signing out of gmail, please also try opening browser in incognito.
Will try to check into this with Google


@Hossein Sadly, signing out of gmail (or not being signed in at all), opening in incognito, etc. is not working. Each one of my classroom computers has this issue. Each browser (Edge, Chrome, Fiefox) has the issue.


That is very strange. I have contacted the support and awaiting response


That link shows Google login but doesn’t load AppyBuilder after login still (white/blank screen). This is in incognito mode also.



Hi, I dont know if You have solved that problem.

I’ll tell You what I did.

1.- When the blank page appears, click the “i” letter next to the url.
2.- Then click on “Web site configuration”.
3.- Enable all permissions of that web site.
4.- Develop any app :slight_smile:

That worked for Me.

@Hossein , I just have a question, do You know why does browser detects something that tracks information?


@JoeMazzone IF you experience that issue again, please try http://goldappybuilder.appspot.com


@Hossein That link worked!!!

Just to clarify:

The website configuration with enabling all permissions did NOT work.




Glad that we now have a working solution. Now that it’s working and that we have identified the issue , we will be able to focus on resolving the main link