Where to find/create images like these?


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Posting only an image in your post is not a question. I unlist this. You should know since you have been around longer then this.


Question is where to find images like these… Screenshot_3

images like these are now widely used in apps and websites… how do we make these/ where do we find these vectors. that is the question


You find them via Google. I use Freepik, pixabay, openclipart. Where did you look?


i mean what are they called… is there a NAME for these type of images. i know how to search images :expressionless:


and is there a tool to create these vectors?


They are called vertor images and you can make them with Inkscape. That’s what i use to make them.

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Although this doesn’t seem to be an AppyBuilder related issue and it should be in the OFF TOPIC category, I did an image search on your first image and found many artists that sell their images in Adobe Stock, Shutterstock etc, that looks a lot like the style you are looking for.