Where are you from?


Other than the markers on the side of the road it looks a lot like the roads around here!


A great idea, I live in a tourist town in Spain, if you are European, you probably heard about Calpe or the surrounding towns of Benidorm, Denia, …
It is an area where the main activity economic is based on tourism, construction (as you can see) and fishing
This picture is winter!
from another point of view


If you want to see more pictures of my gallery: …


Wow! Amazing Photos!


This is the view from my home office (heading west).



I would like to have an office with that view!


i’m from Cairo , Egypt
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I’m from HYDERABAD, India


Hi all, this is my first message. I live in Ukraine Zaporozhye.


i’m italian and i live here (near, not inside :D)

from my house I see this:


Around here one of Cartagena, Spain.
Greetings to all :wave:


from Valencia, España


Polska mała wieś w podlaskim. Widok z okna mojej pracy

Moja okolica


West Papua - Indonesia


Wow, what a great view. :+1:


Great to see diversity of the community.
I am from India but right now in United States, Virginia.

This is view from my work.

and Christmas is around the corner so all started.


The Netherlands - The Haque


Looks beautiful!
Thank you Batman!


I thought Batman lived in Gotham City? :sunglasses:

Another user from the Netherlands just like me :+1:


Batman had to move because Robin kept checking in on facebook when he entered the batcave.:rofl::rofl: