When WebViewerClick


I think a event which triggers when the user pressed something in a WebViewer would be something great.


How would you use this?


Well, for me it would solve this problem:

I think it would also be useful to show Interstitial Ads when using the webviewer. It would have more usage then a arrangment that triggers only when you click the arrangment directly (like click the void to trigger).


If you want to do something, when is user is just touching WebViewer, not caring where, when and what, then I am not sure that is possible, but if you want to detect click on your webpage (specific elements) like buttons, etc. - you can check out my "<Button> Click" tutorial (costs 5$) and it is available at App Inventor Store


when user initialise they are showing webview but when they click the webview showing blank page before its working fine