When i did back press the interstitial ads not showing


when i did back press the interstitial ads not showing


@issam_al-alawi Your blocks are not correct. You can’t LoadAd and then immediately display it. Also you should follow the AdMob Guidance that talks about when to display the ADs. See HELP below and also, use same thread that is related to same topic:


I ll be very grateful if someone show me the correct blocks to show interstitial ad when make backpress


You just need to make screen Sizing “responsive” in the designer view.
then in the block view put your blocks as follows:


idid your blocks but still didnt show interstitial ads


check it with google’s test ad ids: https://developers.google.com/admob/android/test-ads

for interstitial :


@iNetAjmer thanks. We’ll mention these in the help docs: later today: https://help.appybuilder.com/monetization/admob-interstitial.html


you can also check the error message that may give some idea about the issue:


just check that your ad unit is activated or not


or maybe you are creating a loop closing and loading…Again and again


The topic was already 5 months old.

I don’t think that is allowed. Or are you talking about earning apps here?


no just think about it show load and show and load again and again and keep going… so when you allow to close the screen. There must be an error for it…


This does not work for me