When Apk installing Google Play Protect Showing " Not Trusted "


After completing simplest app and added privacy policy and Admob I installed the app to my phone . Google play Protect showing this message " Not Tusted application Developer " . This message never showed before . Kindly help me on this topic .


That’s non issue. This happens when you side load apk


TOY SIDE ? What is that Sir ?


Sir , why don’t you make appybuilder premium ? for $5 to $10 monthy it will be much better for small developers like us


kindly reply Hussain Sir , what is toy side ?


Where do you see toy side

Edit, I saw it now, sorry



That was my typo (was using phone to respond); I meant side-loaded. I have fixed the typo




The apps showed this message during install , suspended from playstore after upload . I got one strike so far and waiting for another one. can you please explain ? i can share a screenshot if you need .



Because the signature is not validated by Playstore (because it is suspended) it will be Play Protect blocked.

You said

Thats why. Fix the problem to get it unsuspended and you wont have this problem.


there is no problem inside app . its a simple app with no error . 1 admob banner app where user shake and a simple sound played and image changed . also privacy policy added inside . I can share the apk /aia .


How to Validte the signature by playstore ? Kindly tell me … Please
One app is already live on playstore from same account


You need to have it published on the playstore. It cant be suspended as you said yours is.


Thank you . Just uploaded the 2nd app to playstore and waiting for google to respond . 1 hour passed so far no response.


takes up to 12 hours


Patience is a virtue


And as I can see, most of us don’t have…


This could be your problem…

If your app has no legitimate function and you have ads, they will consider it an Earning App and block it!

Earning apps give Google/Android a bad name.
They’re really cracking down to get these types of apps removed from the Play Store.

Either remove the ads or add Legitimate functionality to your app or your Developer Account and you could be banned forever.