What is the correct size or type for the floating button icons?


Try several, but the image is always very large and does not fit, or is very pixelated.
I just want to put an “X” to serve as a close.
I have seen that in other applications made here the icons look good.
What kind of image should I use or what size should I use in the floatingbutton?
Thank you very much.

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Use .png and 32 x 32


@Nickon I can’t manage to have a nice looking floating button, the image is always pixellated… anyone have the same problem?


@Gabryk I’ll put together a sample .aia


@Gabryk I have the same problem


I can correctly display the button, what is wrong is that the image is always pixelated.
I can see that the image doesn’t adapt to the FAB like it does on buttons for example. If the image could stretch to FAB size we wouldn’t have this problem.
Anyway, waiting for the aia, thanks


Can you please post screenshot of your screen?




Are you editing your icons in Photoshop or Illustrator?

Photoshop is such an amazing program BUT, when it comes to icon design, it’s not the best option.
Photoshop specializes in photos and creates Rasterized images. You can essentially create vector images in Photoshop, but it will never be a TRUE vector image.

Instead, icons and text logos should be created in Illustrator, which will give you that crisp vector image you’re looking for.
Even if a vector image is downloaded and edited/resized in Photoshop, it will still have that Rasterized (fuzzy) look.

If you dont have Illustrator, you can check out some free icons sites. My personal favorite is FlatIcon.com
You can download .png images of any vector icon (including 32x32) as well as the .svg, .eps, and .psd files if you wanted to customize the icon further.


Hi @PixiiBomb, thank you for interesting but I tried everything: photoshop, illustrator, Android asset studio, flaticon…

This is an example with an icon from flaticon (zoomed, but this how I see it on the device)


What is the size of icon?


The last one is 32x32 but I also tried with lower and bigger, it’s always the same
Maybe it depend on companion and once builded will be fine? I didn’t try that yet

edit: ok, it’s the same, but the same icon inside a button or image component shows fine because it scale to the correct size, instead on floating button the image size is fixed


It is not solved even if you build them
I can not make the icon look good


Anyone ever managed to get a nice looking FAB? I’m still struggling with it and I’m far from what I want


It should be 72 x 72


I’m talking about the image used on the FAB beeing pixelated, as discussed above


@Nickon @PixiiBomb @Hossein could any of you please try FAB with custom icon and let me know what specs the image file should have?