What API to use now?


With Android Q’s release right around the corner, what minimum API should you target? My answer, Android M or API 23. What I suggest is as every new OS which is public from Google for the future, always update your minimum API to one above your previous. I know you’re thinking, “What happens if a user gets stuck having to delete my app?”. Well no worries! Your user can upgrade their device to the latest to fix this issue, problem fixed :joy: No but really, warn your users before this happens.


What concerns me is that Andoid Q is going to replace the “Back” button for a swipe gesture. I don’t know how this will affect the apps, maybe we will be needing to put a back button inside all the apps.


If it’s a swipe gesture, it’ll work for all apps. If this was the case, all apps on the Play Store would have to update to support it. I don’t think this would be the case.