Welcome AppyBuilder's newest member


Hello AppyBuilders. We like to welcome @PixiiBomb as AppyBuilder’s newest team member. She joined last week and she’ll be focusing on developing Video / Tutorial contents.

Welcome @PixiiBomb


Hey guys and gals! Thank you for the warm welcome! I’m so happy to be apart of this community :hugs:
Please let me know if you have any questions


Hello @PixiiBomb, welcome to our community! I would like to ask, what you gonna work on? Are you a Java programmer, UI designer or non of these?


Bienvenida a la comunidad tienes un buen profesor @Hossein muy buenos vídeos los que visto hasta ahora.

un abrazo de gol


Andres Cotes


@Ben AppyBuilder Content creator. See below:
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@Ben - I’m a little bit of a Jacqueline of All Trades lol. I dabbled in making some apps in Java using Android Studio a few months ago, but I really wanted to make tutorial videos for Appy Builder (and related websites), since it caters to children/beginners and I really enjoy teaching. I’ve been learning about programming for 17 years. I started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a teenager and moved on to learn C, C++, Java, PHP and played around in the Visual Studio with C#. I’m also an artist and a singer. I’ve been making videos for about a year, off and on, and I love to share what I’ve learned. A lot of my tutorial videos for Appy Builder will also focus on design: creating visually impressive apps that people want to download. But I’ll also be focusing on each of the components to add to Appy Builder’s Help Section.

Also hello @Andres_Cotes

It’s so nice to meet you all :smiley:


Great! As a fact, I actually Did the same thing as you did here:

Except, I was learning Python & SQL language instead of C & C++
Well, I can just say, welcome to our community, hope you to have a great time with all AppyBuilder staff :wink:
Regards, Ben.


@Ben - that’s awesome! I’ve been meaning to look into Python, but haven’t really done anything with it. I enjoy SQL as well too! Particularly in conjunction with PHP. I was working on a PHP/mySQL/JQuery/AJAX project a few years ago, but it was one of those things I just really wanted to do for myself and never finished it. I think I was playing ARK at the time, and kind of also got obsessed with building and taming dinosaurs lol


Welcome, @PixiiBomb

I’m glad that you will make tutorials focused on design, we really need guidance/reference on this since my apps usually seems plain. I’m looking forward for your work…:sparkles:


@Ronin - thanks so much! It might be a few weeks before I make a few design tip tutorials. I’ll be working on the Monetize components for a bit. But in the meantime, if you have any questions or if you’d like to know any tips, feel free to comment here and I will gladly help you out :smiley:


Welcome @PixiiBomb. I’ve seen your tutorials in Youtube and I have to say I’m impressed with the quality of your videos. And they are so easy to understand. You are an excellent educator!
Eager to see your work here!


Hi @PixiiBomb, just I want to say welcome to Appybuilder family. I have just subscribed your youtube channel and waiting for your new videos. Especially one of your singing video :slight_smile:


Welcome the beautiful girl to join this team, believe will develop better!


”started with HTML, CSS and JavaScript as a teenager and moved on to learn C, C++, Java, PHP and played around in the Visual Studio with C#. I’m also an artist and a singer”

You are too powerful to be confident! We all want to learn from you……


You all are the best! I feel so welcomed into this community. Thank you all so much for being so positive and warm :sunny:


Hi, I made some video,TV and live streaming apps with old app invertor. Right now I only reader in here. But if you need any help with streaming things like Wowza or similar, then I can maybe help you


Hi, @PixiiBomb welcome… i saw you in Mr. Hossein Blog, you have a great videos.
i have a channel too and a will redirect subs to solve dudes about appy builder.



Welcome to the forum. I don’t know if you are familiair with other communities but sending private messages on your first visit with the same message as you have done to PixxiBomb is not done. Please keep the questions here in the community.


She’s awesome! I happened to listen to one of her Videos & was completely blown away. You have a tremendous asset on your team. PS I am still trying to decide if I should use AppyB or MITAppI2 to build my mobile CRM, but I will look into any more tutorials from PixiiBomb. She is “da Bomb”. Thanks!!


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