WebViewerDialog Extension



WebViewerDialog Extension


Guys, so today, I want to share my WebViewerDialog extension. It took me a lot of time, to make it. But it allows you to make a dialog with a web viewer. There is a lot of customization options, web viewer control methods & oauth support.



Extension File: WebViewerDialog.aix (10.9 KB)

I would love to see what can you make with this extension, message me if you did something :slight_smile:

Zoom The image When is clicked

that’s awesome great work thanks


tihs is which , i wanted


It will be great if we can add more components in Dialog not limited to Webviewer.


Hello, sorry, but this is not the goal of this extension.


hello ben how to use it ???


Use Create dialog method


give me block example


Why don’t you just try. Learning is a big part of using AppyBuilder.


it is not working, so need help


Show the blocks that you made so we can see what is wrong.


Nice extension,

Any method to disable the zoom button and set the size ?



@Ben Great! Works for some url but fails to open google map. Example url : https://google.com/maps?q=lat,lon (insert desired values for lan and lon) for example.
Kindly try it out. Any limitation on the use?