WebViewer Problem


please help us Some sites are not working properly in WebViewer This site is not working in the example ( flipkart , snapdeal , myntra , qdownloader etc…) Please update it sir and fix problem :pray::pray::pray:


@Hossein i have the same question some sites not work properly
exampel: while open the site https://awesome-table.com/-LSI7Oso99tF2hzfyLZx/view

just open the https://awesome-table.com/


The webviewer component is not a full browser so don’t expect it to behave like one. Does it work in App Inventor when you try to use the webviewer?


yes i’ve try use thunkable webviewer and work normally. but I want it work on Appybuilder


Working for me

Show your settings andblocks for the webviewer.


not working on me :frowning: just general page viewed

Is setting correct?


Show your blocks…


block on screen1
block on screen2

:thanks before


Why are you using those extensions? First try to make a simple test with just a simple webviewer and your url and see if it works. If that is the case try to use extensions. You said you had problems with your webviewer but you didn’t say you use extensions.


I fix it, i dont know why the link is change from single slash (/) to double slash (//) I fix it use replacing text. In thunkable i dont need to do that and work properly

thank you @Peter