Webviewer giving blank page after scrolling back?


Thanks again. Will try that.


its not working please review it again




really sir i have tried the same block few hours ago but its not working
the blank white page is still appearing on pressing back


I still don’t know what you mean as you don’t show anything.



i m saying that
i have used webviewer in my app and when i go forword by 2 3 links in app and when i press back back its going backword properly but when we reach to home url then again when we click back button it should close screen but its showing a blank white page





This is my work around:


a little hard to help since he doesn’t display any relevant code or the link he is trying with.




in this block its showing blank white screen


That code won’t work.

If you look at my images more closely you will see that I choose to check CanGoBack as second choice, and not the first…


Btw, what is the url you are loading, because some may be different from what you think



As I mentioned earlier, url may be different from what you think.
If this is the url you are trying to load https://apps.admob.com is actually quite different.

You can continue with questions in your thread.



can you please make changes in aia


I already showed you the workaround. I use it myself.


and i already have told you that i have tried your blocks but its not working


I don’t see anywhere you said that :thinking:

And I’m sure it’s working. Post a screenshot of your blocks I would like to see if you follow me correctly.


sorry for that, now its working

thanks a lot


You are welcome.
Please mark it as solved.


sir this post is not created by me…


Hi, this work for me:

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