Webview with javascript


Hello everyone, I have a problem with webview, I have a wordpress that has a plugin of tarot cards in javascript. In appybuilder when I do a live test works perfectly instead when I install the apk in my mobile does not work properly, how could I solve it, thank you very much in advance.


Hi. Post the relevant blocks


thank you very much and solve the error, greetings


What error. You show nothing. @fabio_cavalcante asked you a question that you didn’t answer.


To all users: When you find a solution to a question or problem you asked about, please post the solution you found for other users to be able to find it by searching before asking again the same questions.


hello, more than an error was a cache problem. On the web it was displayed well in the app instead, it was because my mobile had cache to clean, I mean the problem was my mobile.