Webview with external links


Hello everyone, I have a question about a webview. I have a wordpress that I will use as webviews I would like some of these links to open in the browser and not in the app. My question, is there a “rel” or something like that when adding to the link, this instead of opening in the app opens in the browser, thank you very much in advance.


Did you look at the properties of the webview component

Set UseExternalBrowser to true and links should get openend in the external browser.


Hello, thank you very much for your information. In this way I understand that all the links in the browser would be opened. What I intend is that for example, only certain links that I choose will be opened. Thank you so much for everything.


you would have to analyze the source of the html page to search for specific links and open some in the webviewer and some with the help of an activitystarter in the external browser. Can you give an example of which you want to open internally and externally.


Hello Peter,
thank you very much, as I said, I have a wordpress that I will convert into a webview. All the links are internal to the same Wp, that is to say they are post or pages, these are opened in the same app, until here everything is perfect. On the other hand, in the menu of this wordpress I have put a link so that users who want to go to score the app in PS, evidently this link now opens in the same app. I do not know to what extent this link that is in wordpress could open externally in the browser. Thanks in advance.


Sounds like the key word here is EXTERNAL browser, not the one built-in to AppyBuilder. https://puravidaapps.com/packagemanager.php appears to provide a way to launch an external app. I have not used it. Keep us posted.


Maybe a DeepLink would be an option:


Hello Ken
that sounds really good. When can I try your project. I see that it is for watsup, etc but would it serve for PS? Thanks in advance


I am getting old. When i saw you responded i thought instantly of your deeplink extension even before i looked at your response. I guess i had a brain fart earlier. :sunglasses:


Take a look at the first link in this:
DeepLink.aia (10.7 KB)


Hello, interesting extension, but I have a question. If I have the link in my wordpress that points to the PS, can this extension help me?
I understand that what this extension does is superimpose on the webview the link? Excuse my ignorance, thanks in advance.



No, it doesn’t superimpose.

To test it just set the url in the .aia to your wordpress.
You will need to reform the link like i did in the first example.


Ohhh, if I saw … it’s great! good job !! Thank you


i would like to know how the setting for deep link… hope you can help


Look at the .aia there are plenty of examples