Webview Select or Browse file not working anymore?



last time, I have made an application (apk) with an appybuilder that uses webview to display my web application.
on the application (apk) I can send or upload photos and files.

my last apk that can send file/photo

and now I make a web chat application, where users can send files / photos to other users (same as whatsapp). This application runs normally if it is opened through a browser and can send file or photo

chat open with android browser

then I made the apk version in appybuilder, using the same component webview, I displayed my web application,

but this time I encountered a problem, which is that I can’t send files / photos through this apk.
browse button which usually when clicked will display the option to select the file to be sent not to appear.

have there been any changes to this component on the latest appybuilder update?


ok, finally i got the solution, you only need to set PromptForPermission OFF, i hope it can be solution for other people too