Webview Offline webpage viewer & Auto update


I want to store Webviewer Webpage for offline Reading & If internet connects then data wants to update automatically… What to do?

i want to solve this problem… please help me to solve this problem…
i want to store webviwer data for offline reading but i cant do this. so please give me any solution or extension for this…


This would mean crawling through webpage and getting all links and images and download them on local device. 1> I don’t believe this would be a good idea and 2> its not a simple straight-forward task


thanks for responce
Please give me any idea how can i do this.
i have embeded website but everytime screen1 initialise- webview loading page. that is very iritating for user. so please give me any suggestion or extension…


I want to store Webviewer Webpage for offline Reading

Hi, you can upload your html and javascript files as assets and use webviewer for faster load. Below is Taifun’s tutorial that i think closely related to your need.


If internet connects then data wants to update automatically

It depends on what configuration that you need.

You can call query of some data on initialization using Web element POST/GET method and save it as text file to replace the last text file and load it using Embedded html. Or you can access remote json file onload. You can use firebase to transfer your data realtime using javascript or maybe ajax to access your own server to detect and reload your data per time interval.


Hello @argadekar ,

Here is tutorial for image given by @Taifun you can try with webpages.

And set a duration when you wants load webpage with date component.


hi sir i got this from @condigital

but how can i use this in app inventor block. if you have any idea for block plz help me


You can try application cache if you own the webpage what you want read offline. It deprecated feature but maybe help you.