Web server is not working in offline version


My offline version is configured correctly, but there is still a problem.

When I try to package the program into an apk and install it on my phone, the app will fail to send an HTTP request to my server. And if you don’t pack the APK, you can use the AI companion to send an HTTP request.

This sounds weird, so I checked if the Android phone gave the app the right permissions, and tried it on different Android devices, but it still doesn’t work.

Dear developers, have you encountered any similar problems, if you can help me, it’s really good.

Error code:Error 1101:Unable to get a response with the specified URL:******

The apk package that was previously packaged online does not have any problems, so I don’t think it is a problem with the code.

And because the AI companion can send HTTP requests and parse the returned JSON, it is not a problem with my nodejs server.

Help, I really can’t figure it out.


The network is not good, upload screenshots later


Instead of using http://localhost:8888 try to use computer’s ip. For example http://192.168.1.xxx:8888


Thank you for your answer, but it doesn’t seem to work. After I click on a button to send an HTTP request, the app will report an error immediately, and it seems that there is no HTTP request sent to the server.


Take the liberty to ask, how long will the online version be opened soon?


Are you using web component in your app, if so, see below



Thank you for your reply,Boban.I hope you can understand, I want to ask more.

Is it to change http://192.168.X.X(ip address):8888 to https://192.168.X.X(ip address):8888? However, the web page could not be found using the https.