Want to consult about bringing value to prove to be true



Hello everybody I have a problem, want to inquire about the representation in the equation to get the true value. I also attached pictures. From the equation, it is found that there are A and B values ​​obtained by interpolate. If the Idler Spacing value has a value between the specified values When replacing that value in the equation If the equation is true Will result in knowing that What is the average tension? Which can be observed from the row of data sets Or refer to the information obtained from Interpolate, which I now know Ky, Wm + Wb, Spacing Idler, but I do not know how to go.???


I don’t know what you are asking.

I’m guessing that you are asking how to code this equation, but you’ve not provided anything to let us know what you’re starting with or where you’re trying to take this.

I’m no engineer, but from what I looked up, it looks like you are missing some tables that are needed to complete such a calculation. Check out pg 91 in this PDF: https://www.cemanet.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/BB5thEd_Chapter-61.pdf


Thanks,but I’m not missing in another process or other table.I want to know about " How to looping sub A and B in to the equation if the equation is true then we will know about tension rate.

now I create csv file from the attached table by separate A and B and planning to interpolate its.