Wallpaper App: Updated with Firebase


Were you wanting to create like a wallpaper menu? With categories?
This way the user isn’t seeing 1000 wallpapers? They’re seeing maybe like 10 categories.
(An example of this is in the first video, at around 19:56)

If that’s what you’re interested in, that particular .aia file is exclusive to the Pixii Bomb Squad. But for a limited time, you can take a simple quiz from the video. If you pass the quiz, I will send you the .aia file that gives you an example of how to set that up. :+1:


mam i want to the Wallpapermanager option only Ho=w to do that :man_shrugging::raising_hand_man:


You can:

  1. Clear the user’s current Wallpaper (WallpaperManager.Clear)
  2. Get the user’s current Wallpaper (WallpaperManager.GetWallpaper)
  3. Set the user’s Wallpaper (WallpaperManager.SetWallpaper)
  • You can set the user’s wallpaper from their internal gallery, from a media folder that you’ve uploaded to your project, or from a URL on the internet.

There is one Event for this component, which returns values based on your action.
There are NO PROPERTIES for this component, but you can access it’s name to use in a list or as a variable.

I still don’t quite understand what you mean by you “only want” the WallpaperManager.
“WallpaperManager” is the name of the component.
The only things that this component is capable of doing, have been listed above.

If what you are trying to do is listed above, than you can do it.


What a wonderful tutorial!!!


Hola estoy probando a utilizar wallpaper con la url file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/imagen.jpg en companion y no funciona, lo han probado?
Ok ya lo solucioné, había que poner //imagen.jpg


Thank you @PixiiBomb for making really nice video about this app . I just followed each step and stored values with same tag name as you did. I stored images in firebase using same tags w1,w2,…etc but for sounds i used s1, s2 ,… Now when screen 1 intialize i dont want to show list of pics in vertical scroll arrangement. I want to show picture in button1.picturepoxiiiiiibombbbbbb
but no picture displayed in the button.image on testing.The sounds are also stored in the same way in same project bucket. When button1 load image w1 at same time sound1 component inside button1 load sound s1 from fire base. On clicking button containing image w1 it plays sound s1.When we click next button then image w2 with sound s2 must be loaded and so on.Please suggest some advise. Thanx in advance


Hello paradise,

Notice the portion that you’ve highlighted has an x next the the variable value.
value is a local variable from the FirebaseDB1.GotValue event.

Variables have a scope.

  • A global variable (like tag_list, url_list, N) can be used anywhere.
  • A local variable can only be used inside it’s scope.

That’s why you’re getting the little “X” next to “value”, because “value” cannot exist outside of it’s scope (FirebaseDB.GotValue). It has to stay in it’s little box. You cant take it out of the box.

tag and value are attributes specific to the Firebase.GotValue event. They have no meaning outside of that event.

For Example, let’s say the image you want to for Display_button is a picture of a penguin.
Let’s say you have a tag in Firebase called “penguin” with the value http://www.website.com/penguin.png (that’s not a real website, don’t try to click on it. I’m writting this to see how many people actually click on it) :rofl:

When the screen starts, Get the tag “penguin”.
In the .GotValue event, create a condition: if the tag you’re trying to access is penguin, then you can set display_button.image to value (The value would be the URL of the penguin image)

Hope that makes more sense :slight_smile:


Thank you @PixiiBomb for such detailed answer. Is it possible to display all images which we got from fire base in gallery view . Can we write procedure after loading images from firebase to Set gallery1.images to: get.global images_list and call it in when screen1.intialize!


where did you get this block


In the designer screen put an image component on the screen. In the block editor go to any component. There is an any image component visible. Select that and you will see a lot of blocks. One of them is Set image. picture.



solution to this ???


Hey there :girl::muscle:


CSV” stands for Comma Separated Values.
to Parse” means to split pieces of data for manipulation.

If we have an array of data in CSV format, it would look like this:
shopping_list = bread, milk, eggs, soup
(notice that each item on the shopping list is separated with a comma)

If we want to convert that string into an array (or list), we need to parse the csv text
If the csv text is not correctly formatted, it will not parse properly.

For Example:
bread, milk; eggs> soup!
^ Does not contain the proper comma separated values, therefore it cannot be parsed into a list.

Ultimately this means that your data is not properly formatted.
Re-trace your steps. What did you change? Are your Firebase values formatted correctly?
Did you make any changes to the blocks section? etc


Only I have changed firebase url and tokkens and added ad banner this much.


@PixiiBomb if i open the screen it show the blank screen. Please help me.



@Peter hi, I followed the @PixiiBomb’s tutorials for wallpaper app with firebase. I created an app with firebase update. Unfortunately, If, i open the app, it show a white blank screen. I don’t know about the problem. I followed each and every step teached by @PixiiBomb. Please help me fix the issues.


Haces cosas increibles y útiles. :slight_smile:



He tenido este mensaje de error al vincular mis datos.

Por que me sale este mensaje de error?
Como puedo superar esto?appybuilder%20error


The list from csv row block takes a CSV formatted string and turns it into a list.

For Example:
cherry, strawberry, lemon, lime, grape <— CSV formatted string in a row

That CSV row string is converted to a list that AppyBuilder can read.
[1] cherry
[2] strawberry
[3] lemon
[4] lime
[5] grape

You are seeing this error either because:

  1. Your string is not in CSV row format (cherry, strawberry, lemon, lime, grape, etc).
    So you “cant parse the text” <-- can’t convert the text to a readable list

  2. Your string is in CSV table format and you’re using the wrong block. There is a "from csv table block that you should use instead. A CSV table looks like a Spreadsheet (the table has rows and columns, instead of just 1 row of data)

EDIT: I just realized that reply was from 2000 years ago, but I’m leaving it up in case someone else needs it


can someone check this aia? is wallpaper manager working for you? i can not set images with wallpaper manager. is it my device?or something wrong with wallpaper manager? thanks