Wall & Papers - Wallpapers


download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bckdrsapps.wallandpapers
simple wallpapers app with 18 categories.
every category have 15 images.

extension firebaseStorage


What license do the wallpapers have?


i use some pixabay images and their license is here can check. https://pixabay.com/service/license/


wow, I had the same idea at the same time :stuck_out_tongue: amazing


I use pixabay too, good place to work with images and use it with no copyright problems.
I like your app, it has better design than mine… but I tried to use a lot of images but the app was going very big. I prefer to use only 15 images with good quality and in total was 14 mb the apk size.
In my app I insert the links to appreciate the work of the designers.
Anyway… you did a good job !!


i use firebasestorage extension. so users can download and set wallpaper.so app size will be very small.
negative part is showing images lite bit slow.


OK, I understand, that’s the other option I thought, but it needs internet connection all time to use the app and is slower as you say. I prefer to load the images in the app and it saves the image on the device when the user selects one to use as wallpaper.
The app is bigger, of course, but is working faster and with no connection.
You can check my app in the post in this foro I wrote yesterday… :wink: