Vote - More monetization components


Just to let the community know, among other updates, we are working on new monetization componentS that will include:

  • Banner,
  • Interstatial (full screen)
  • Rewarded video
  • Offerwall

Vote if you like to see these added into AppyBuilder

  • Yes, I like to have these features
  • No, I won’t be using them

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how much time it takes to work please


I really excited about it …


I see here and in other builders more and more users that are only interested in making apps with ads just for the ads so called earning apps. They are not interested in learning to programm just want an aia to compile and spread it. Personally i think all those forms of monetizing is bad for all the builders around.


Maybe let the users who want monetization options pay for it to support appybuilder.


Just complementing what @Peter said, I really don’t see any advantage to have this kind of components. Those components , once created, are going to reveal more and more questions like “my ads is not working, please solve this issue” or something like that, because many developers just don’t want to study and learn the basics of AppyBuilder.


That’s a very good idea!

  1. I don’t know how to remove myself from vote :slight_smile:
  2. I agree but on the other hand, if you put in a lot of time and effort into creating something that others like, why not have it give you something back?


I dont mind if users put a banner in their app but i see to many users like @Kleyber_Derick describes on every community. If those earning apps go out of control because of the ease of use of Thunkable, Makeroid or AppyBuilder there will come a time that Google is gonna block the access to the playstore for those kind of apps and with that access for all users who just have a hobby in programming with AppyBuilder and co.


In this case, you can use the @Peter’s idea:

What do you think?


Let us hear :ear: from others in the community


who ever wants to give somethings they will give, no mater you put pay option or not.
and who ever don’t wants to give somethings they will never give,
instant of that they will wake way from here.

(I’m not sure I can explain nicely, or not)
I’m a big fan of appy.


It would be great if we had more monetization components such as flurry, mobmox, adcolony etc. I have had problems with admob where google would stop serving ads as soon as an app is flagged for 1 reason or another. I’m trying to have a facebook free life, and amazon has a very low fill rate plus there’s not much control in amazon. On 2 occasions now, I have requested to join mmedia but it seems to be impossible to get an account setup with them.


use enhance extension.


yoou dont like it and bc of this we should have no ad networks or what, i need ads bc i pay for my app 300 dallar each month for third party services, should i pay this for my own, why i made a app. i worked more as a year on my app.


Which third party takes 300$ ??


We live in this age of NOW NOW NOW. I want it now. I want to be rich NOW. I want to be famous NOW.
There are a lot of people who don’t realize that all of the people they see on Youtube/Instagram/etc… they didn’t become rich and famous overnight. The people who are successful on Youtube, are successful because they have been around for 5-20 years. They worked HARD to get where they were. And the people who just happen to get lucky overnight… they don’t always stay successful. Some of them are able to capitalize on their fortune, but most of them never had that drive to begin with. They get 15 minutes in the spotlight, and it’s gone.

That being said, the people who worked hard to get to where they are now - they deserve the rewards. They deserve the success. If Advertisers are willing to turn a Creator’s passion into a career, then great!

Take my videos for example:

  • I have an idea for a tutorial, so I spend a day or two working on something. Then I spend 30 minutes - 6 hours writing out a script for the video. Then I edit the video which could take 2-4 days. The little animations I make in my videos… that could take an entire hour if it’s something I’m making from scratch for the first time. A lot of my graphics are my OWN art, that’s is time consuming. Very time consuming. (I do use flaticon and freepik to save some time) Some of the more complicated tutorials for Intermediate Users… there were a few that took WEEKS to complete. That’s a LOT of work to do for free. Even if I get paid $1, that’s $1 more than if I did it for free. (Granted, I don’t make these videos expecting to make a million dollars, but I certainly don’t want to devote days of my life for nothing). That measly $1 motivates me to work harder, to turn $1 into $2. To turn $2 into $10 over time.

That’s the same drive that successful content creators have. They all started out earning $1 on youtube. (The only problem I personally have is that I was doing too much work and I got really burnt out. So just to caution everyone to pace themselves.)

Monetization isn’t bad, it’s good
If you’re proud of what you do and what you create, people will want to support you. They will want to buy your products, watch your videos, download your apps, etc.

However, I do agree with the points that @Peter and @Kleyber_Derick made in regards to:

And that is extremely frustrating. But the reason why I support Montezation is because of that frustrating point. I get emails all the time from kids who want me to spend days/weeks/months of my time to help them solve their problems. And they want me to do this for free. They don’t realize that I’m an adult and I have things to do in real life. They see me as a robot on the internet. They ask for my phone number like I’m a Help Desk (Please stop asking for my whatsapp number. I don’t even have whatsapp. That is inappropriate. I am a married woman and I am not a Call Center). And those that DO offer to pay me, still want me to devote a month of my life to work on their personal projects… for $5. They don’t understand currency conversion. They don’t understand time worked = time paid.


  • Instill moral values in our younger builders: Being “Poor” is not an excuse:
    I grew up poor. So I have zero sympathy for people who say “I’m poor. I’m just a student. I want to make an earnings app because I don’t have any money”. My Momma didn’t give me everything I wanted, because she couldn’t. My Mother worked REALLY hard to provide for my brother and I so we could have a roof over our head, clothes on our back and food in our stomach. You guys have smart phones and access to the Internet ok. Just because you can’t buy everything you want doesn’t mean you have the right to steal money from Advertisers.
  • Increase awareness of why creating an Earnings App is wrong
    It’s not just morally wrong. These apps basically violate every ToS in the book. Maybe we can have a pinned section in the forum talking about it. One day I’ll make a video on this, but I’ve been trying to find a way to script it out without being so rude.

Anyway TLDR:
Monetization good. Bad apples, bad. I think we need to come up with ways of helping these kids who think they can just “get rich quick” by breaking all of the rules. Most of them aren’t even aware of the consequences.



It’s unfair I have just to give one thumbs up!! Your post deserve a million of them!!!


Wow, really impressed by your post @PixiiBomb. It should be standard reading for new users.


wow. Did I trigger this? I mean no disrespect. I am certainly willing to pay for extensions.