Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue


ótimo, agora funcionou mas, como resolvo problema da fala da assistente, toda vez ele deixa um pedaço para traz e as vez fala uma palavra só sempre bug sabe resolver??


It already depends on the operation of the recognition engine on your phone. Internet quality, clarity of pronunciation, the presence of extraneous noise, etc.


assim, obrigado pela ajuda amigo, grato…


Try the new version. Maybe I managed to fix your problem.


StopASR command is not working on v7.
after issueing the command, the app beeps continuously even if the muteaudio is enabled


Strange, but on my phone the new version works fine. I did not change the code to stop recognition
I’ll try to find out what is happening. Perhaps you need to make it possible to record a log.



I’m trying to use your V7 example to understand how to configure the Keyword feature.
Although when loading the “TEST_ASR_V7.aia”, I get an error “the blocks area did not load properly”.
Also from the photos you may see that one block is grayed out and there are block components that were hidden behind another block. Unsure if this is specific to me or if others are also having issues.
Any help would be great.



Yes, it happens to me too. The project is working fine. But, if I export it to a computer, then it will not load. I’ll try to find out what is the matter.


Thank you very much! Would you be able to post a screenshot of what the blocks should look like, this will help me with my understanding.
Also a huge level of appreciation for all your work on this extension, amazing stuff.


The difference is only in this block:


Try version 8. Notify me if the problem goes away.


v8 doesnt seem to fix the stopasr bug.

ive been using version 3.1 before on the same phone, it works fine for my needs.
but then it suddenly has the always beeping bug even when muteaudio is enabled.
tried using V7 and the beeping bug is gone, but the stopasr does not work, tried reverting back to v3.1 and still stopasr is not working.
probably android auto updates the speech recognition engine on my phone that i havent noticed. my android is version 10. google text to speech engine is v3.21.8

my other phone works fine even on version 3.1 of this plugin. even the stopasr. but its on lower version of android


Unfortunately, I do not have a smartphone with android 10 to check this problem.


Any suggestion on how I could make the voice recognition continue to listen after a partial recognition that doesn’t match the Keyword. At the moment it stops and the user need to press start again. Also the Stop/Start button stays at “Stop” even though the service has stopped listening.


When I import V8 demo .aia in Kodular, I got errors
Is the problem on my side or other having the same issue ?

A. R.

I tried in app inventor : it works fine except “continuously recognition” doesn’t work in demo ? (or maybe I misunderstand how it is supposed t work)


An example of the project is made in AppInventor. I am not sure if he will work in Kodular.
To help, you need to understand what specifically does not work. The continuous recognition mode differs from the usual one in that the recognition service continues to work, even if you keep silent for a long time. But, after the first recognized phrase, the recognition service will stop its work and give the result. Next, you must process the result and start the recognition service again, if necessary.


If the text on the button remains “STOP”, the AfterGettingText event has not occurred. If it did not happen, then the keyword is not recognized. In this case, the recognition process should continue. This is the correct functioning. Also, the sample project is very simple, and does not contain all the necessary button locks. For example, resetting a button in case of recognition error. It is assumed that you will do your own project, which will take into account all the subtleties.
These are the blocks related to the button:

I don’t see any mistake here.


Hi, I used this very helpful extension to create an application for my medical product project.
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Great extension!

Best regards


Hi, I hope your application helps a lot of people.
If you have any questions, I will try to help you.
Good luck!