Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue


Great, it works fine… thank you for support


I didn’t understand when this event will work.or one more think.can you create an notification to start, pause, stop recognization


This event occurs during pauses between words. When the user is still talking, and the recognition module is still working.


I’m trying to do a hands-free session in my application, but it doesn’t work so well, many times there are sounds (even I have disabled them), how does the hands-free session work on Siri or Google assistant?
I really need a hands-free session in my application, it’s a feature many users ask me for
Can you develop a separate extension that can play hands-free speech well?


You mean, is it possible to exclude the appearance of beep? On the phones I have at my disposal, the beep does not appear if it is muted. Therefore, it is difficult for me to analyze why it sometimes occurs on some phone models.


The problem of the beep happens rarely, but the problem is that the words are not absorbed fast enough and sometimes are not absorbed at all


Unfortunately, I cannot improve the quality of speech recognition. Quality depends on many factors: the speaker’s voice, the presence of external noise, the type of microphone used, the speed of the Internet connection, etc. Voice assistants also do not always understand fast speech. You can advise users of your application to speak clearly and not too fast.


Hi Scorpio,
I’ve tried your extension on 2 different devices: Huawei P8 Lite with Android 8.0.0 EMUI 8.0.0 and a Samsung Galaxy A50 with Android 9 and it beeps continuously on both…

Is anywhere something to set?



Only set the property MuteAudio=true.
A beep lock is not guaranteed, but it works in most cases.


I shared the source code in the first post. Perhaps other extension developers will help solve your problem.


I found some explanations that might help find a solution for a hands-free situation to work well:




Nice project. Thanks!
Could you please share the robot project?
Thanks again


Thanks Pedro. I answered you in the mail.


Can you add a listening language option in the next update?


The default language is now used. Theoretically, I can add a choice of language. But I doubt that anyone really needs this. To select a language, you must first check whether it is installed on the system.


My application can change the language of the application, so the application needs to listen to the user’s speech in the language of their choice


How to change Extralanguage

I want to change Bengali বাংলা (ভারত)

Please help !


I think so:
See more here.


Boa noite, poderia me ajudar… meu app quando feito o primeiro reconhecimento para a palavra chave estando MuteAudio = true, não faz som mas quando solicito novamente o reconhecimento para efetuar o comando ele faz o barulho novamente e deixa de seguir todo os padrões que fiz antes…


Try to make an additional pause of 0.5S before starting next recognition.