Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue


Try this:


Scorpion…atualizou algo nessa extensão?


Made some additions in accordance with the wishes of forum users.
Also, there is a desire to add a “key phrase recognition”. Like “Hello Google”. Perhaps this is redundant, as the user can easily make such recognition using a partial result.


Thanks so much for the new update!
And about key phrase recognition I would be really happy if you could add this option, it could make the job easier😃


So we want to add an event that will notify us that the key phrase is present in the recognized text? Or should we block the occurrence of AfterPartialResults and AfterGettingText events until the key phrase is recognized?


I am currently using AfterPartialResults for a different purpose, but I want to add support for hands-free speech to my application as well,
So it won’t be good if you block AfterPartialResults.
I just want that as soon as the user says the word “Talki” (this is the name of the personal assistant I built) then she will start listening.
Will key phrase recognition eliminate another option?


Behavior when recognizing a key phrase can have many scenarios, depending on the wishes of the user. Therefore, I do not think that including all these features in the extension is a good idea. For example, a user may want the recognition unlock to take effect for a while, and then reset after a long silence. Etc. As I already said, a user can recognize a key phrase independently, using standard means.


Can you create another extension whose designation is key phrase recognition?
Because there are already some actions happening in my application when AfterPartialResults is running and it can whimper a bit of what is already there, I know you can just add another component but you told me that sometimes they mix (does that happen in AfterPartialResults too?).
And will the key phrase recognition block work better than AfterPartialResults?


Hi all,

I’m having troubles using this extention.
First I’ve imported the 6th version, then I’ve added it to my example app inventor project. I’ve checked the following checkbox: ContinuoslyRecognitionEnabled, EnableGoogleDialog, EnablePartialResult.
In the blocks view I invoke the AfterGettingText method to change both color and text of a label.
When I start my app and try to tell anything to my phone, nothing happens, no color changed and no text modified. What I’m doing wrong?

thanx for answers


Share your example. From the description it is not very clear what you want to do.


how can I share it? (sorry, I’m a dummy with App Inventor… :sweat_smile:)


Export you project (.aia) to computer, and uploat this to post.


The logic we are talking about is implemented like this:

Should I add it to the extension?


Yes! This can help, because for me this block is used for a few more things. Will we have to give up on something else for that?


here is my app…
its just an examples and it need me just to get text from speech and populate a label with it

Voiceduino.aia (94.0 KB)


The problem is that 2 recognition modules are initialized in your project: ScSpeechRecognizer1 and SpeechRecognizer1.
Delete SpeechRecognizer1 and the project will work.


thanx, I’ll try immediately


no, it doesn’t work…
I’ve deleted the other speech recognizer but it’s still not working… :sob:


I hope you remember to start recognition:
If so, first try with the standard module SpeechRecognizer1


oh… no, I didn’t…
I thought that enabling continuos recognition I didn’t need to start it…
ok, I’ll try