Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue


Bom pelo menos dá pra usar no modo on-line né… Você é muito atencioso. Valeu pelas respostas.


Fala scorpion … Tudo bem? E aí… tem atualizações para essa extensão? Abraços


E o que há para atualizar?


Very useful thank you
is it possible to close the dialog after 5 seconds for example if Google didn’t hear anything?
i tried all components with timer without success


Can you add another option for checking the words heard in real time? (As in thunkable x:

) I want to add a hands-free speech option to the artificial intelligence I built, but it’s a bit problematic because you have to wait until the speech input finishes listening and if there is noise then it takes quite a while


If the dialog is already open, then closing it programmatically is not possible. This part also works as in the standard version.


I can add. But, in practice, a partial result is rarely applied.


Thanks so much, it will help me a lot😃


link “click here” not working, can you fix it please.
Thank you .


URGENT!! :flushed:
I compiled the aia sample at AI2 online, then I installed the apk at a HUAWEI Y7 Android 8.0.0 Device, when I first checked “Enable Google Dialog” and then hit the START button , had the bellow dialog attached!!
(I clicked Uninstall (Desinstalar) until this issue being cleared.) Regards.


It’s hard to answer something. No one has similar problems. When “Enable Google Dialog” is checked, the extension works similarly to the standard recognition module. Try using the standard module. And look at the result.


@ScorpioNormal Okay, I will try and back as soon as possible.


I had Google disabled in the list of applications, I enabled it and did test without the extension and everything worked fine, I tried the extension again and created the apk of the application and no longer shows the virus notification again. Regards :slight_smile:


second time I use this extension. First time it worked very fine.
Today, it doesn’t work on my Xperia XZ android 7.1.1 nor on my Huawei P8 Lite 2017 Android 8.0.0
It does not work with appy builder nor App inventor.
It raises no error, but nor my code nor the test extension seems to work.

[Solved see below]


Finally managed to display error : “No activity found to handle intent { act= android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH (…)}”
(by the way, error displayed are dependant on the mode we are in the SpeechRecognizer component, i just activated “Enable Google Dialog” to display the error message)

Issue solved : the problem was that Google App was desactivated on my 2 phones.
It works if I reactivate it.


Dude google assistant always listening your sound so what you want to say about that


If i app closed that app doesn’t work . Can you added this that app is listening when app is closed also.& try to cancel the beep sound


That is not possible. App Inventor apps and those of all its clones only work in the foreground not in the background. AI was working on this but don’t have the resources to continue at the moment.


You can try this extension: https://github.com/OpenSourceAIX/ColinTreeGoHome
It leaves the application running in the background, but it will not work if the application is completely closed


In this link there are no extention