Voice Recognition extension without Google Dialogue


This is what I meant. It works, but it beeps.


Send your project please. I will check it. Perhaps the function behaves differently on different phone models. Also, the result may depend on the version of Android.


How can I make voice activation with this extension? Thank you? (The link under your post doesn’t work)


Link is working for me.


Run the Continuously Recognition, analyze the result, compare with the keyword. If it matches, then start the action. If not, then run the recognition again.


Thanks a lot. But with that way it will be quite slow and I am able to hear the prompt sounds.


On some phones, the MuteAudio feature does not work.
What does “slow” mean? The process of speech recognition is not fast. And the only possibility of voice activation is a comparison of recognized words with keywords.


H i. Everybody

I tried to use this app and would like to know why u Say there is a continuousRecognitionEnable mode
I can’t see the différence
Can somebody explain ?


When I click START, I get this error
What does it mean?


ContinuouslyRecognitionEnabled (boolean) – in case the “false”, if the user is silent, the component will return an empty string result and generate “No voice input” error. Otherwise, the audition just automatically resumes every time.
In other words, in the standard version, recognition is turned off if nothing is heard for a few seconds. In this version, the application will listen until it hears something.


The extension only works in environments of Appy Builder or App Inventor.


In my opinion it works now in kodular


Kondular and Thunkable do not have the PermissionResultHundles component, which is used by my extension to get permissions


In my application it requests permissions. You can check:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.twmrsmy125.talktome


So the problem is only with Thunkable. This forum only discusses extensions for AppyBuilder



Thanks for your answer.
With your extension u can’t listen more than one minute ?
Am i wrong ?

I thought continuous recognition stands for listening until the operator stop the recognition process



it is right. This is how it works.


Hi is this support multiple languages ?


Not. Recognition works with the language configured in Android. You can add, but it is unlikely to be claimed.


Thank you @ScorpioNormal for the extension file. But I want to know, how to create such extension files in the first place??