Violation of Webviews


Hello everyone I have received a message that my app has been rejected, I have to say that the website I use is my property and that I do not direct to do not direct the traffic to any affiliate system. The message is as follows:
After a recent review, has been removed from Google Play.
Publishing Status\ 48xauto Publishing status: Suspended
Your app has been suspended and removed due to a policy violation.
Reasons of violation Issue: Violation of Webviews and Affiliate Spam policy
We don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to drive affiliate traffic to a website or provide a webview of a website without permission from the website owner or administrator.



And your question is?

Apps with only a webviewer are not allowed.


Hello, from when it is not allowed, I have many app using webview and I have never had a problem. I believe that PS distrusts that the web that I use is mine, when it is.


Did you ask Google? They make the rules.


Hello everyone, the problem is solved. The problem was that PS thought that the url of the webview was not my property, by sending a copy of my domain’s payment invoice they have already accepted my app again.

I have been told that so that this does not happen to me once an app is published, in the play store tab where the app’s description is inserted there are some links to be able to advance this documentation so that once the app is published there will be no problems suspension.

Excuse my english, I’m from spain.


That’s good information for other users. Thanks for posting the solution you found.


i fix this issue here follow my step to fix this issue