ViewPagerArrangement Extension [Paid]


this extension allows you to add a pager view to your project, improving the experience for the user in obtaining the information you need with less touches on the screen









  • AccordionTransformer
  • BackgroundToForegroundTransformer
  • CubeInTransformer
  • CubeOutTransformer
  • DefaultTransformer
  • DepthPageTransformer
  • DrawFromBackTransformer
  • FlipHorizontalTransformer
  • FlipVerticalTransformer
  • ForegroundToBackgroundTransformer
  • ParallaxPageTransformer
  • RotateDownTransformer
  • RotateUpTransformer
  • StackTransformer
  • TabletTransformer
  • ZoomInTransformer
  • ZoomOutSlideTransformer
  • ZoomOutTranformer



Price 25 USD

Andres Cotes

ViewPagerArrangement + FAB
ViewPagerArrangement + FAB

wow its grate extensions



I hope the people who purchase this extension for $25 just to have some eyecandy on their app is not the same people complaining about the future $1 subscription to AppyBuilder Gold.



I personally believe that the server business is poorly focused as a business, I believe that there must be at least 3 servers

one of general purpose

one of specific to communications and industry developments

and another to monetize.

offering as an additional service specific java programming and support during the development of the application.

what value gives the end user and is satisfied to pay a fee for each project

advantages for the user

It takes less time to carry out developments
The content of the app is structured

you can get specific help

this is not yet developed in the inventor world but you can see a reference as wordpress where the business does not revolve around php if not having an excellent experience of use

the extensions are different you pay once and you use it in many projects I think they are different markets

sorry if you do not understand I use translator


Andres Cotes


Different market? It’s an extension for any builder. AppyBuilder is one of them. How is it a different market? I’m just saying that it would be kind of funny to see the people who want AppyBuilder for free, buying this or any of the paid extensions. With $25, you can pay 2 YEARS and one extra month of AppyBuilder! Also you don’t have the costs AppyBuilder has. Aside from your time, you don’t have to invest anything to make an extension.

I’m just saying. Probably nobody is complaining about the fee anymore.


@Italo i completely agree with you. Thanks for making the point


There are 2 different markets why appybuilder belongs to a market of services and extensions, aia files belongs to a product market, they are 2 complementary business parts But they are different business models


All I’m saying is anybody CAN make apps without extensions. But most of the people CAN’T make apps without a builder if the builder dissapears.
So if I was in that place where I have to chose what to pay with my money, I would evaluate what’s more important to keep in the long run.


Are objects (buttons, images…) clickable if they are in the arrangement? (In other extensions they rn’t)

Is it possible to trigger an event on swipe without moving to next page?

And my last question:
Could you please provide an example apk?

I’m very intrested in this extension.