Video in full screen (web view) Help NO YOUTUBE



hello, someone can tell me how to activate the full screen option to play videos on the web view, link a web to my app, and I have web videos but can not see in full screen … I will be extremely grateful … … I regret the translation I speak Spanish.

hola, alguien me puede decir como activar la opcion de pantalla completa para reproducir videos en la web view, enlace una web a mi app, y me web tiene videos pero no se puede ver en pantalla completa…estare sumamente agradecido… lamento la traduccion hablo español.


Why are you using WebWayow?
You should use YouTube Extensions


hola gyachas,

Welcome to the community. Maybe this can help.


the truth is not youtube videos but other servers like when you enter that page is active full screen option but in my web view there is no … :frowning:


i also looking the samething but they have only youtube extension , they didnt come to the point, turning around only and didnt have any update for this