Variables are Misnomers!


This is such a problem for people that want to learn how to use Lists. To call a list you have to use a Variable but then it really stops being something that is changeable like a true Variable. I wish that variables could really act like variables when it comes to lists but no. I guess that’s just the way it is - some things will never change.


Can you give an example what you mean. Maybe with some blocks.


The blocks don’t really show the problem as much as written word, I mean it’s just that it is confusing that we are suppose to use a variable to call a list. I am kind of good with math and in math a variable changes but in programming in AI 2 it doesn’t change. It’s not going to change so why cry over spilt milk.


Well you brought it up, so i am curious. Thats why i asked. You can do some things with lists without using variables. In this case you use a label as a variable i guess. Still hoping that you will tell more because of your background.


Oh Dam! See now that’s what I get for staying away from programming for too long, I use to know that we could make a list without using variables, but when I got an error for trying to use a text when I was declairing a variable it freaked me out and I thought it couldn’t be done, as in



you got this error because you declare the ‘list’ variable as a string / text, not a list.
try to use this :
initialize global List to (make empty list )


I see in Java the Final keyword is a Variable that does not change so I guess I was wrong, Some Variables can’t be changed.


I built this. I figured out how to do it. The following .aia program shows how to make a multi-List program.VarNameListView.aia (4.6 KB)


Could you explain what these blocks do? Me and other users could learn from them.


Okay, here is the AIA file with all the comments.
VarNameListView1.aia (5.3 KB)